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Ministry of Social Development benefit factsheets
The Ministry of Social Development's Centre for Social Research and Evaluation produces quarterly information on numbers of working-age people  
(aged 18-64 years) receiving main benefits. This includes national information, as well as a range of information that breaks New Zealand down  

Ministry of Social Development 2011 Statistical Report

The Statistical Report contains statistical information about how people interact with the service lines of the Ministry of Social Development. It will be  
of value to people working within the social sector, in policy, research and service delivery. Statistics for the last five years are presented, including  
significant changes in policy, the administration of benefits and other support services.

Number of people receiving benefits and pensions 1940 - 2011

The first table shows trends since 1940 in the number of clients receiving pensions and main benefits. The second shows trends since 1940 in  
expenditure on these financial services.

Statistics New Zealand Household Labour Force Surveys

The HLFS is the official quarterly source of the unemployment rate

Statistics New Zealand Income Survey

Provides information about;
∑ average weekly income (for those earning income from wage/salary jobs) by full-time and part-time status
∑ time series of average weekly income for all people aged 15 years and over by sex, age group, ethnic group  
∑ average weekly income for people in paid employment, not in paid employment, and by labour force status  
∑ personal income distribution  
∑ average household income by household type  
∑ average and median hourly earnings for those earning income from wage/salary jobs.
Labour Market Factsheets
Labour Market Factsheets are designed to give quick facts about key interest groups in the New Zealand Labour Market. There are factsheets on  
five groups-  
Maori, Pacific Peoples, Feamles, Youth and Older Workers.
Factsheets provide a statistical overview focussing on the last year. They include information on indicators such as labour force participation,  
employment and unemployment. More in depth analysis of labour market outcomes for each of these groups is available in the Department of  
Labourís series of annual reports.

New Zealand Police Crime Statistics

Fiscal and calendar year recorded crime statistics by category, region and resolution rate.

Department of Corrections  
- Facts and Statistics relating to prisons and sentencing

Statistical information relating to prisons and prisoners. This includes the prison population, the offences prisoners have been sentenced for and the  
breakdown of the prison population by location, age, gender and ethnicity.

Sentences and Orders in the Community
Statistical information relating to offenders serving sentences and orders in the community. This includes the offender population, the offences they  
have been sentenced for and the breakdown of the offender population by location, age, gender and ethnicity.

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