These are books I recommend as insightful, illuminating
and well-researched.

A Life Of One's Own
David Kelley
Losing Ground
Charles Murray

I have no doubt that the work of Charles Murray contributed to the eventual overhaul of the US welfare system.
The End of Welfare
Michael Tanner

The End of Welfare is full of useful references to US research into the incentive effects of AFDC (US equivalent of the DPB) and resulting behavioural changes.

Read this book online.
The Poverty of Welfare
Michael D Tanner

The Poverty of Welfare is a later book by the same author which assesses the US reforms at 2002. The author is still unconvinced that the reforms went far enough.
Overcoming Welfare
James L Payne

Overcoming Welfare
is a very powerful and life changing book. It is responsible for prompting me to take up volunteering
The Welfare State
We're In
James Bartholomew

Whereas a fair amount has been written about the American welfare state, books about the UK are rarer. The Welfare State We’re In is supported by a website
Life at the Bottom
Theodore Dalrymple

Theodore Dalrymple (a pseudonym) is a British psychiatrist who worked for many years in the prison system and Birmingham Hospital. His observations about underclass dysfunctionality - in part supported and encouraged by welfare - cut through the self-deception and dishonesty that lead to a culture of entitlement and learned helplessness.
A couple of New Zealand books which are not in my library (but I almost have out on permanent loan from the local library) are;

A Civilized Community: A History of Social Security in New Zealand
by Margaret McClure
(no image available)

A World Without Welfare: New Zealand's Colonial Experience
by David Thompson

And for a New Zealand history of child welfare;

Family Matters, Child Welfare In Twentieth-Century New Zealand
by Bronwyn Dalley

For other sources of information about the more recent welfare state in New Zealand the New Zealand Business Roundtable has published a number of useful works;
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