Welfare reform… and the Greens

·Set benefit amounts at a level sufficient for all basic needs of the individual/family.

·Protect all benefit levels by linking rates to a fixed percentage of the average wage (like superannuation).

·Replace the current Social Security Act 1964 with a simple two-tier benefit system consisting of a universal base rate that is enough to live on, with add-ons for specific circumstances, such as dependants, disability or chronic illness.

·A Universal Child Benefit of $18.40 per week per child for the first child, $13.00 for subsequent children, with the ability to capitalise it towards a home deposit.

·Abolish stand-down periods, treat people aged 18 and over as adults for benefit purposes; no forced work for the dole.

·Support urgent Government action to address the problem of benefit abatement for those moving into employment, and the removal of the poverty trap created by high marginal tax rates that exist for people on low incomes.

·Introduce a tax-free zone at the bottom end of the income scale.

·DPB to be protected; no compulsory work-testing.

·Appropriate training, vocational advice and support for sole parents.

·Remove discrimination from tax credit regimes such as the In Work Payment component of Working for Families.

·Support an allowance to beneficiaries who carry out a minimum number of hours of voluntary work per week.

·Improve the culture of Work and Income so that people are treated with dignity and respect and are enable to access their full entitlements promptly.


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This website intends to shine light on social security and welfare reform. The current welfare system is unsustainable economically, socially and morally. This site is also intended to be a resource for people interested in welfare reform. Please acknowledge the source of any material you use from this site. Thank you.
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