Archives from 2003 to 2006

A1 Victim Culture Puts Paid to a Sense of Responsibility
A2 Scapegoating Economic Reforms Futile
A3 Ministers Stuck in a Dead End Paradox
A4 An Independent Commissioner?
A5 Time Spent on DPB Nearly Double Government's Claims
A6 Barker Doesn't Grasp The Real Issue
A7 Demands from the CPAG Dangerous
A8 Family Commission Should Call For Privatisation
A9 Child Tragedies Needn't Be Inevitable
A10 Child Poverty - Whose Fault Is It?
A11 Bashing Would-be Welfare Reformers
A12 Another Ineffectual Maharey Move
A13 Maharey Says Benefit Levels Too Low
A14 Maharey Makes Meaningless Promise
A15 DPB Mothers Destined to 'dabble'
A16 Are Parents Choosing Welfare For Their Children?
A17 DPB cost grows from $250,000 to $2,300,000,000
A18 CPAG Pushing The Wrong Solution
A19 'De Facto' Definition Dangerous
A20 DPB Numbers Up
A21 What's Wrong With Welfare?
A22 Dunne Protests Too Much
A23 Bradford Should Give Beneficiaries a Break
A24 Government Sells Us a Pup
A25 Greens' Family Benefit a Ploy
A26 New Green MP Rejects Two-Parent Families
A27 Greens Get It Wrong Again
A28 The Growth of Single Parenthood: Is It a Problem?
A29 Happy Families Cannot Be Legislated For
A30 DPB Recipients in Higher Income Bracket
A31 How to Avert a Tragedy
A32 Labour Ignoring US Success
A33 Labour Slams Door on Debate Again
A34 Labour Steps Up Welfare Wagers
A35 The Lesser Known Facts
A36 Maharey Missing the Point
A37 Maharey Mucking About Again
A38 Maharey on Mikus
A39 United Future supports 'Ambulances for Africa'
A40 More Sole Parents - More Dead End Dependency
A41 It's Not Just About Being Poor
A42 New Zealand a Non-Starter
A43 Outlook Remains Bleak For Many New Zealand Children
A44 Political Correctness the Loser, Personal Responsibility the Winner
A45 Welfare - Passing the Point of No Return
A46 Public Misled on DPB - Campaigner
A47 Reality Shock for United Future
A48 Women's Refuge Claim Misguided
A49 Replace DPB With Dole
A50 Ripping Off the DPB
A51 Same Old, Same Old, Steve
A52 Dear Steve, Save Me the Sociology Lecture
A53 Steve's Idea of Success Sucks
A54 Strong Job Market Fails to Impact on DPB
A55 There Is No Plan
A56 Unemployment Drops? Yeah, Right!
A57 US Reforms Reduce Teenage Births
A58 Petitioner Disputes Benefit Figures Used By Maharey
A59 Welfare Hurts Children
A60 What Mr. Maharey Doesn't Want Us To Know
A61 What's The DPB Got To Do With Me?
A62 Will United Future Change its Mind?
A63 Wrong to Blame Poverty for our High Infant Mortality
A64 Better Off on a Benefit
A65 PM Rejects OECD Report Finding
A66 More DPB 'Largesse' Revealed
A67 Government Family Policy Reinforcing Bad Choices
A68 Why Minimum Wages Do More Harm Than Good
A69 Treasury Right - DPB Numbers Highest This Century
A70 No-Go Zones Must Go On DPB
A71 Playing the Blame Game Won't Solve Anything
A72 Fairness
A73 Too Many Children Already Live in No-Go Zones
A74 Disturbing DPB Trends
A75 Clamping Down On Child Support 'Dodgers' A Red Herring
A76 Court Of Appeal Decision Opens A Can Of Worms
A77 Welfare
A78 Government Unconcerned at High Numbers Born Onto a Benefit
A79 Why The Middle Class Family Is In Economic Crisis
A80 Unemployment Rise Since Work - Testing Scrapped
A81 Two Parents Overtaken By One
A82 Family Budget
A83 Aussie Budget: Work to Welfare
A84 Budget Will Drive More Budget Breakdown
A85 A Reality Check on Welfare Spending
A86 Throwing The Baby Out With The Individual Responsibility
A87 Ministry Data Shows Sharp Increase In DPB Numbers
A88 More Maori Children on Welfare
A89 DPB Holds Back GDP
A90 Unemployment Rises For Sole Parents
A91 The Role of a Father
A92 Statistics NZ Project More One Parent Families
A93 Father's Day Feel-Good 'Fact' Misleads
A94 'Penalty' A Hoax
A95 "The State Of The Family" A Load Of Rubbish
A96 It's Called Pseudo-Success, Steve
A97 Child Poverty And Unsafe Sex
A98 Growth In Benefits Outstrips Population Increase
A99 Maori Teenage Birthrate Is A Problem
A100 Benefit Expenditure Hits All-Time High
A101 Rick Barker - Naysayer And PC Apologist
A102 Not Everybody Benefits From "Low" Unemployment
A103 Cut Price Kids A Choice
A104 Welfare Dependancy Still Rife
A105 CPAG Reject Personal Responsibility
A106 More Mistakes From Welfare Ministers
A107 Brash Right - Maharey Denies Reality
A108 United Future's Brain-Child a Dud
A109 Multiple Stays on DPB Accumulate
A110 Changes To Benefit System Bad Move
A111 Support For Single Parents To Return To Work
A112 Brash Watered-Down Again
A113 Way To Go, Steve!
A115 DPB Expenditure Hits All-Time High
A116 Maharey All Talk
A117 DPB Numbers Down But Duration Of Stay Up
A118 Parents Should Be Doing The Counting
A119 NZ Sole Mothers - Second Lowest Employment Rate
A120 Taxpayers Should Be Viewed As 'Clients'
A121 An Astonishing Admission
A122 Maharey Spin Knows No Bounds
A123 High Taxes 'Inspirational'?
A124 Mixed News On DPB
A125 Teenagers Move From Dole To DPB
A126 Katrina Puts Poverty Back On The Agenda
A127 Trailing The World In Welfare Reform
A128 One-Parent Families To Reach Quarter-Million Mark
A129 "Shit Happens" Says Maharey
A130 The Transformation of Welfare
A131 Benefit Dependency Rates Don't Reflect Record Low Unemployment
A132 Ministry Says Work-Test Sole Parents
A133 Facing The Problem Of Teenage Parenthood
A134 Harawira: Government Keeps Maori Dependent On Welfare
A135 Why The CPAG Should Lose In Court
A136 Minister And Ministry At Odds
A137 The Real Oil
A138 Number of one-parent families up by 23 percent
A139 Auckland Defies DPB Drop
A140 Kids at School, Still on Benefit
A141 Debt Levels Higher on DPB
A142 The Size and Nature of the Welfare Problem
A143 Single Benefit Dropped?
A144 Quick Fix Remedy The Wrong One
A145 Govt. Admits High Rate of Non-Working Homes
A146 CPAG Not Acting In Best Interests Of Children
A147 DPB Campaign Broadens
A148 Minister Relying on Guesswork
A149 Maori Party Must Refocus
A150 Contemplating Pregnancy on a Benefit
A151 Cross-party Talk Must Focus On DPB
A152 Teenage Parenthood Traps Maori
A153 How Big Is This Problem?
A154 "Blitz" On DPB More Urgent
A155 Living Standards About More Than Income
A156 Why The Gap Has Widened
A157 NZ Fails Where US Succeeds
A158 Sunday's Babies
A159 Having Kids On Welfare A Growing Trend
A160 Benefit Rises Lead To More Single Mums
A161 Plan For Teenage Parents Not Nearly Enough
A162 MSD CE Blocks Information Release
A163 Unemployment Low, Welfare Spending High
A164 DPB Sleight-Of-Hand
A165 Growth in Sickness and Invalid Benefits
A166 NZ Parents Pay More Child Support
A167 Under 1 in 5 Benefit Applicants New
A168 Benson-Pope Misleads Parliament
A169 Welfare Beneficiaries Not Screened
A170 Maori Women Four Times More Likely To Be On The DPB
A171 Teenage Benefits Passport To Long-Term Dependency
A172 Drop In DPB Numbers Challenged
A173 Growth In Invalids' Benefit Under The Spotlight
A174 Maori Party Say DPB Part Of Their Culture
A175 Hand-out Mentality Hurts Workers and Employers
A176 Minister Wrong About Sickness And Invalid Benefits
A177 Teenage Birthrate Climbs Again
A178 Removal Of S59 A Gross Failure To Tackle Child Abuse
A179 Minister Ignores Own Department's Research
A180 NZ: Highest Rate Of Lone Parents On Welfare
A181 From DPB To Sickness And Invalid Benefits - A Record
A182 Astonishing Recommendation By Parliamentarians
A183 Delayed Motherhood Improves Outcomes
A184 Minister Mistaken Over Growth In Incapacity Benefits
A185 More Migrants On DPB and Sickness Benefits
A186 Sweden's Ban On Smacking A Failure
A187 Question Mark Over Youth Unemployment
A188 Minister Contradicted By Own Ministry
A189 Maori 8 Times More Likely To Be Teenage Parents On Welfare
A190 Research Confirms Two Parents Better Than One
A191 National's Welfare Agenda Equals The Status Quo
A192 Teenage Birth Rate Rises Again
A193 Losing The War On Family Violence
A194 Single Parenthood: Problem Or Not?
A195 DPB For A Decade Or More
A196 National Return To Work-Testing - A Dud
A197 Frequently Asked Questions about the DPB Petition
A198 The DPB Petition
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